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  • The sourcing event introduces its inspirations for the show feature’s fresh offerings this October

    Filipino design authorities share what to expect in Manila FAME's Design Commune this year

  • Creative Dialogues

    Refining Gold, Redefining Tradition

  • Creative Dialogues

    The Art of Accessory Design, the Beauty of Slow Fashion

    Great things take time, effort, and a team of skilled workers. Known for her statement bags and jewelry, Bea Valdes emphasizes the “how” in her design-making process

  • Creative Dialogues

    A Mind for Conscious Design

    Dan Matutina on his branding and brand design process—and the real value of creative work

  • Creative Dialogues

    Social Design

    Together with CITEM, two Korean design mentors are leading the charge to help local brands take on a 360-degree approach in creating products with the environment’s health in mind

  • Creative Dialogues

    Ito Kish on Inspiration and Creation

    The furniture and interior designer talks about embracing—and conquering—challenges, the creative process behind his most iconic pieces, and constantly finding inspiration for creation

  • Creative Dialogues

    Vianca Soleil’s Bare Essentials

    Amid a choppy internet connection and a hectic schedule, digital creative Vianca Soleil gives us a quick welcome glimpse into her island life and shares with us her shopping and style tips, as well as her favorites from the FAME+ catalogue

  • Creative Dialogues

    Georgina Wilson on Branding and Going Global

    The multi-hyphenate talks about how she and her partners built and expanded their brand, Sunnies Studios—and the vision that keeps them going

  • Creative Dialogues

    Rachelle Dagñalan on Globalizing Filipino Design

    At the age of 20, Rachelle Dagñalan set out to make a mark in the design world. Years later, the product designer has set her sights on something loftier: share her talents with local craftsmen and manufacturers in the hopes of gaining international recognition for homegrown designs

  • Creative Dialogues

    From Cars to Chairs: A Design Journey

    Design Ligna’s founder Al de Lange shares his memories of being the Philippines’ first industrial designer


    Added value is in the details

    Japanese have a long-lasting love affair with fashion, and when it comes to discovering new foreign brands, the detailing contributes significantly to the perceived value.

  • Creative Dialogues

    Kenneth Cobonpue on What Matters Most in Design

    The world-renowned Filipino designer, recognized as rattan’s first virtuoso, talks about what truly makes designs stand the test of time

  • Creative Dialogues

    Andrew Dent and the Language of Sustainable Materials

    The Chief Material Scientist at Material ConneXion shares what it takes to design for a circular economy

  • Creative Dialogues

    Milo Naval’s Good Intentions

    The highly esteemed artist talks about the true power and purpose of good design

  • Creative Dialogues

    Big in Japan

    Fashion consultants Tetta Ortiz-Matera and Jason Lee Coates share their plans for bringing Philippine fashion to Japanese shores and inspiring a whole industry to make it happen

  • Creative Dialogues

    Amina Aranaz-Alunan on the Importance of Joining Trade Shows

    The Aranaz Creative Director shares her “trial-and-error” experiences as a trade show exhibitor

  • Creative Dialogues

    Inside Rita Nazareno and Gabby Lichauco’s Design Mission

    An instinct for good design, coupled with their razor-sharp wit and generous spirit, defines the dynamic tandem of Rita Nazareno and Gabby Lichauco. Here, they let us in on their creative, collaborative, and crazy-beautiful process

  • Creative Dialogues

    Eric Paras on Adapting Design to the Change of Times

    The prolific furniture and interior designer shares his list of favorite FAME pieces and how it is working through a pandemic

  • Creative Dialogues

    The Home as Sanctuary

    From accepting change, making space, and inviting a reconnection with nature, we explore the ways in which we can reclaim our safe and sacred space

  • Creative Dialogues

    The Relevance of Design Trends in a Post-COVID World

    In this dialogue with Josef Crisanto, the design mentor explains how trends and forecasting can still play a role in a society disheartened by health, climate, and economic crises

  • Maison & Objet x Design Philippines

    The Making of Bubble Living: A Digital Affair

    Paris will have to wait, so here’s how a virtual design show was launched from scratch


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