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  • Material Matters

    Raw Potential

    Philippine indigenous materials are reinvented, reimagined, and re-engineered into standout pieces

  • Material Matters

    Fine Bones: Centuries-Old Art in New Forms

    Bone china is updated in retro-vernacular themes and organic-style shapes

  • Material Matters

    Melting Down the Scented Candle

    What goes into this new-normal must-have and why it makes a difference

  • Material Matters

    Seeing Patterns: Modern Style for Traditional Veneer

    South Sea Veneer, the marquetry mavens from Pampanga, show different approaches for this centuries-old craft

  • Material Matters

    A Piece of History

    La Galuche’s Dean Pasquet talks about the raw material parchment—its beauty, functionality, and storied past

  • Material Matters

    Learning the Ropes of a New Wonder Material

    A weatherproof material that can withstand the elements, A. Garcia Crafts’ polyolefin rope elevates both outdoor and indoor living spaces with its form, function, and flair

  • Material Matters

    Squeezing the Pulp: New Forms of Paper

    From lamps and bowls to packaging and speakers, paper has transcended its traditional purpose into fully sustainable designs

  • Material Matters

    Bamboo Magic

    Miguel Antonio Rosales and Rachelle Dagñalan work their magic on bamboo, together with master craftsmen from Taiwan

  • Material Matters

    How One Local Brand Brings Stones to Life

    Pumice proves that what was once lifeless can be given a transformative new spin

  • Material Matters

    Will Rattan Survive the Industry’s Demand?

    A closer look at the versatility and functionality of rattan, the multi-purpose material that has vitalized businesses, communities, and weaving traditions in the Philippines, and the future of its supply chain post-pandemic


    Abaca, The Strongest Natural Fiber

    Shelmed Cottage Industries has been using abaca fibers as its main raw material.

  • Who Buys New Shoes In The Middle Of A Pandemic?

    Oh, The Places You'll Go

    When it comes to artisanal Filipino footwear, it’s all in the details.

  • Zarate Manila

    A Mastery of Metal

    A Mastery of Metal


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