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    The Art of Philippine Embroidery

    In delicate designs embossed to perfection, these embroidered pieces go beyond showcasing the beauty of handmade. They represent years of tradition and highlight the patterns and figures inspired by stories and dreams and the intricate art sewn together by skilled hands and passionate hearts

  • Artisan Corner

    Woven Communities

    Here’s a roundup of home and fashion brands that help keep Philippine weaving traditions alive

  • Artisan Corner

    The Art of Woodwork

    Three homegrown brands share their insights on the craft that brings artistry and function into our homes

  • Artisan Corner

    A Creative Advocacy Thrives in a Tiny CamSur Town

    Bernadette De Los Santos embraces both Slow Living practices and women’s empowerment to create her whimsical pieces

  • Artisan Corner

    How the T'boli Women Weave their Dreams

    “Dreamweaver,” a title given to select T'boli women, evokes a sense of romanticism, wonder, and mystery that surrounds the sacred textile that they are known for, the t'nalak

  • Artisan Corner

    3 Brands that Push Sustainable Fashion and Décor Forward

    Discover Philippine brands and designers who transform waste from the past to create a more sustainable future


    Shoe-cial Enterprise

    Community artisans from Baseco, Rizal, and Marikina come together for the latest Maco Custodio shoe, "Lalapatos"

  • Keeping Their Families’ Legacy In The Industry Alive

    Philippine Design Through the Generations

    Philippine Design Through the Generations


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