Design Commune presents a curated showcase featuring home and fashion pieces from CITEM’s product development program. The show feature focuses on two themes: utilitarianism and strong colorways that highlight local craftsmanship.

In collaboration with award-winning design authorities, local brands and manufacturers went through a series of meetings, an exchange of design ideas, consultation of drawings and prototypes and actual manufacturing. These products will be highlighted in a curated set up for this year’s Design Commune special setting in Manila FAME.

Channeling Filipino artisanship in two strong colorways

Tony Gonzales shares about two strong colorways that inspired him to design the product offerings in the Design Commune.

Gonzales is a creative director, consultant, and curator of various projects, such as the Pinyapel of the Design Center of the Philippines. Inspired by the Scandinavian designers, Gonzales aims to push boundaries of the country’s natural materials and encourage Filipino craftsmen to create new products and designs to help them keep up with the trends.

Modern-classic colorways “Blues on Blue” and “Naturals and White” are the foundation of this upcoming collection. Highlighted in the designs are the natural, handicraft flair of Filipino products, which were reimagined and paired with clean lines, minimalism, and modern silhouettes and textures chosen for their demand in the mainstream market.

Utilitarianism: accents of practicality for the contemporary consumer

Rita Nazareno and Gabby Lichauco discuss how they embedded utilitarianism in the curated product showcase for Design Commune 2023.

Nazareno/Lichauco are internationally-awarded curators and mentors known to highlight contemporaneity and innovation in traditional craft and materials.

A design concept that goes back to nature and history while underscoring the edge of Philippine craftsmanship. This theme will feature functional pieces that take inspiration from the great outdoors, glamping, and archaeology to maximize its use while adding a modern flair. Expect design elements such as loops, ropes, straps and quick release buckles to foraging plants and herbs.


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