Jennifer Lo is the third-generation family member behind Larone Crafts, Inc. The company’s beginnings can be traced to over 90 years ago with Lo’s grandfather Alex. He was an orphan who learned to weave rattan furniture at an early age. He wove a family history of persistence, artisanship, and creativity. As his business grew, he helped many weavers like himself make a living.

Lo’s parents Toni and Veronica, continued the legacy of Alex, still working with artisans and weavers. Veronica established Larone Crafts, Inc. in 1984, diversifying into fashion. Toni, on the other hand, is still in the handwoven furniture business. It has been 70 years since Alex started the business.

Lo holds an AA degree in Apparel Manufacturing Management from the FIDM in Los Angeles. It is a part of her quest to broaden her education in fashion and learn about the international fashion trade. The company stands on the shoulders of three generations of weavers. It has contributed greatly to the promotion of local handicrafts in the global market and to the livelihood and progress of many artisan families.

Each purchase of a Larone item is an answered prayer by the community of weavers who continue to hope for a healthy market for their wares. They remain at the heart of Larone’s fashion, helping to clothe, feed and educate the next generations of weavers, artisans, and their children.

Larone is located in Makati City.

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