Our Brand Story


Weave natural materials with passion of craftsmen

ikot is a brand that weaves sustainable, natural materials and functional fashion handmade with the passion of Filipino craftsmen.

When translated to English, ikot connotes joining or connecting. It symbolizes the weaving together of the Philippines’ natural fibers and the passion of weavers’ traditional yet creative craftsmanship.  Slowly and carefully, we create durable yet stylish bags that will age with grace and will be loved for a long time.




Philippine-made bag brand successful in Japan, now brought back to its home

We’ve always believed in the creativity and ingenuity of the Filipino craftsmen. Our community of weavers in various areas in the Philippines are our craft partners.  Each weaver dedicates their talent to create our handmade bags.  Their talent to experiment different weaving patterns, collaboration of Japanese and Filipino designers combined with our mastery of sewing as a bag manufacturer developed our own signature of high-quality handcrafted bags now known as the ikot brand. What started as an aspirational venture into bag making has successfully conquered the Japanese market. The charm of using natural materials to create a fashion item has appealed to the Japanese’ flair for nature, art, and simplicity.  ikot is currently sold in different specialty shops in the high-end malls in Japan.

ikot will now come full circle as we bring it home.

ikot will be available online and in partner stores soon.

Our Design Story

ikot bags are made with natural fibers such as abaca, raffia, and rattan combined with genuine top grain leather. The contrast between the two materials is interesting - natural yet sturdy, pliant yet long lasting.         The natural characteristics of their texture and pattern is what makes each handcrafted ikot piece unique. Modern yet timeless, functional but fashionable.

Our natural materials, our artisans’ world-class talent, our passion for artistry and design – all woven together to create a timeless piece,  uniquely ikot .

RMT Industrial Complex Tunasan, Muntinlupa City

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