Establishedin 1984, E. Murio Manila is a second generation, family-run workshop that designs and manufactures fine furniture, cabinets, home interiors, and accessories. We trace our steps from Spain to the Far East, and finally to Manila. Over years of travel, adventure, and friendship, the families who have made what E. Murio stands for today shared their experience and expertise to craft the distinctive aesthetic that our pieces embody.


Our methods are the result of decades of experience, experimentation, and a specialized knowledge of the tradition of furniture making. It is the combination of our design and craft that results in exceptional furniture. We believe that the beauty of our pieces comes from both the design and the quality of the craftsmanship.



We specialize in natural materials such as tropical woods, fiber and grass weaves, rattan, and bamboo. We also work with metal, leather, bone, veneers, and synthetic weaves. The bindings and bone fittings are just some of the fine finishing details that distinguish our furniture.

It is no wonder that a select audience with a critical eye has come to love our work. We like to think of our furniture as intimate architecture for the body. We hope that they evoke an emotion and imbibe you with a sense of comfort and delight. 


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