NIñOFRANCO fuses modern fashion with the tradition of Mindanaoan heritage from different tribes, namely (1) Bagobo Tagabawa; (2) Blaan; (3) Mandaya; (4) Tagakaulo. And (5) T’boli. It all started in school where Wilson Limon took up Fashion Design at the Philippine Women’s College, where his thesis involved reinventing the traditional garment of the Bagobo Tagabawa. This led to a collection that reflected the rich culture of the Bagobo Tagabawa using technology in contemporary ensemble. Bringing our roots and heritage to a societal integration in this modern times though fashion has been NIñOFRANCO’s lifelong vision.

We envision of transforming a western-minded Philippines into a culturally-enriched nation that gives livelihood to individuals and communities who safe kept the true art of the Philippines. With this in mind, NIñOFRANCO builds and foster creative partnerships with ethnolinguistic groups mainly in the Mindanao region and becoming a leading brand in creating contemporary ethnic pieces that are uniquely Filipino and Mindanaoan.

NIñOFRANCO immerses to every community it wants to partner with for better understanding of the tradition, the people, and the establishment of the collaboration.

Aside form the livelihood collaboration we do with the communities, we also give thought to their proceeding generation who are lacking the education and livelihood opportunities. We gather resources for the children’s school supplies and assess the kind of opportunity and livelihood programs that can be given to the women of the communities.

Every single NIñOFRANCO piece has been touched by the artisans, their intricate artworks are inspired by dreams, nature and epics of their people.



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