BON-ACE FASHION TOOLS, INC. is a Philippine-based fashion and lifestyle products company with worldwide reach known for its unique designs and functionality made from all-natural materials. Our impressive works of art that emerged from a clever and unique blend of Filipino and Italian ingenuity continuously etched its name in the industry and unceasingly mesmerize a wide variety of clientele all over the world since we started in 1993. Our deep commitment to high standards in product development, design, and competitiveness can never be faltered.

Our beautiful and unparalleled collections are exquisitely studied and carefully crafted with our master craftsmen’s skills honed over decades of experience, utilizing the most appropriate technology and methodology at the forefront of innovation. Clients who are the crème de la crème of the world of Fashion and Home Living spaces can justify our passion, dedication and commitment. Our integrity reveals itself in details, in subtle touches, in the quality of craft and materials, and in design forethought from concepts to prototypes. While our passion for captivating creations remains boundless, we are always committed to meet the needs and demands of our customers as we blend all our endeavors with social responsibility and environmental consciousness.

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