For half a century now, Shelmed Cottage Treasures has been producing globally acclaimed abaca products. Shelmed's commitment to design excellence and sustainable pieces makes our company the manufacturer of choice in the industry.

Our multi-generation expertise in transforming natural materials continues to attract leading brands from all over the world. We have created a wide variety of houseware items and fashion accessories in different textures, colors, sizes, shapes, and functions— all in line with the tastes and needs of other markets worldwide.

More than being seasoned producers, we are the bridge between our heritage keepers who make beautiful products come to life and our clientele, directly impacting the grassroots in the Philippines. We are constantly seeking ways to find fair opportunities for uplifting the lives of our farmers, weavers, artisans, and persons with disability partners. When you work with us, you are positively contributing both to our society and the environment.

Apart from ensuring the growth of our communities, we also assist in the development of our clients' businesses. We endeavor to achieve collaborative design ventures to produce highly customized products for our buyers' markets' specific trends and needs. When a client orders our designs, we also ensure their exclusivity in their respective markets for a certain period. In this and other ways, Shelmed Cottage Treasures strives to protect our buyers and build lasting connections. This high regard for our relationships with our clients has produced decades of harmonious partnerships.

Our commitment to everyone in the circle — from growing our natural fibers to those using them every day — has fueled our brand for the past 50 years. We are looking forward to bringing this dedicated craftsmanship to you and welcoming you to the circle.

845 Balagtas Street City Of Mandaluyong NCR Philippines 1550

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