EDYA1929 is Japanese-Philippines mix cultural fashion label.

“Spirit was born in Land of Rising Sun, now bloom from Pearl of the Oriental Sea”

EDYA1929 began when a lone Kimono laden with a dramatic history crossed the seas.

Together with local artisans, the piece from EDYA1929 are meticulously made using carefully unraveled vintage Kimonos and Obi(the belt for kimono). 

EDYA1929 was founded by Japanese-Filipinofashion designer,

Yumi Christina Sakamoto in March 2020.

Our designs are originally inspired her Philippines-Japanese heritage. Tying in the pride and beauty of the various cultural influences makes the collection bold and elegant.

We use only exquisite fabric taken from vintage Japanese Kimonos as Materials, all the while since the brand started.

Japanese Kimono was everyday wear for women in Japan, unfortunately Kimono is not everyday clothing for Japanese women anymore. We 

bring back once-forgotten Kimonos to the modern world with the essence of Philippines tropical mood and culture.  We truly respect for hand-skilled artisan in the Philippines. We could not have done without their wonderful and artistic skills.

Also, we are proud that all of our products are made with vintage and upcycled materials. we can call ourselves as a truly earth-conscious brand. We will continuously strive to improve all aspects of our business to minimize the impact on our environment.


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