Concrete Jungle

Explore the great outdoors indoors with these decorative animal figures

By Patti Sunio

The year so far, spent considerably at home, has been all about bringing the outdoors in, and along with greens and eco-friendly furniture, consider adding new life into your home with a herd of animal-inspired décor. They make great human companions, after all.

Find joy, wonder, and awe in these multi-purpose pieces, decorative figures, and tabletop accents crafted to mimic fun, spirited animals. Made from an assortment of materials, such as natural wood and fibers, paper mache, rope, brass, resin, aluminum wires, and seashells, these make easy, accent pieces that won't disrupt the ecosystem of your home. Time to welcome your new quarantine friends.

The world’s in a nesting phase and it's high time you cultivate a little bird sanctuary at home. Here's a flock to start with.

1) Wire birdcage on a wooden base, Birdcage (BNW-F2015), BASKET AND WEAVES. 2) Hand-carved wooden birds in assorted sizes, Perched Birds Decor (BNW-F2007), BASKET AND WEAVES. 3) Hand-carved birds in solid wood and metal, Lovely Birds, PHILIANA DESIGN. 4) Shore birds crafted and painted by hand. Made of acacia wood with an iron stand, Shore Birds, FILIPINO CREAZIONE. 5) A pair of seagulls made of recycled wood with driftwood accents, Seagull Table Top Décor, FREDEN EXPORT. 6) Birdhouses made of driftwood, Driftwood Birdhouse with Curly Front, 2911SOURCING. 7) A curious flamingo made of bacbac rope, 2 Pairs Bacbac Rope Flamingo, 2911SOURCING

Plants are the new pets and it won't hurt to spoil them a bit more. Accessorize your garden with a swarm of busy bees, beautiful butterflies, and colorful crawlies.

1) Hand-carved floral wall decor. Made of wood, Floral Wall Decor, JB WOODCRAFT. 2) Decorative bee made of sea shells and solid casted brass, SWEETEST BUZZ, ARDEN CLASSIC INC. 3) A grasshopper-like figure, made of aluminum wires, COLORED TINS & WIRE ROBOT BENDABLE ACTION FIGURE COOL UNIQUE TOY GIFT FOR KIDS (ROBB 2271), LIMAN GLASS HANDCRAFTED. 4) Hanging floral decor made of GI wire, Poppy, PRADO FILIPINO ARTISANS. 5) A wasp-like figure, made of aluminum wires, COLORED ALUMINUM WIRE ROBOT BENDABLE ACTION FIGURE COOL UNIQUE TOY GIFT FOR KIDS (ROBB 2252), LIMAN GLASS HANDCRAFTED

Create your own underwater adventure. Keep the creative inspiration flowing while working from home, with these pieces inspired by marine life and the deep-blue sea.

1-2) Blue and black crabs made of driftwood and paper pulp, Blue Crab and Black Crab, FREDEN EXPORT. 3) Coral bowl, handmade from 100% natural abaca fibers coiled with wires, Sea Fan Coral Oval Bowl, TADECO HOME. 4-5) Musician frogs. Made of seashells and metal, ACCORDIONIST and THE PERCUSSIONIST, ARDEN CLASSIC INC. 6) Spoon rests carved into a flat fish design. Made of carabao horn, Spoon Rest Fish Design, ELM'S ACCESORIA DE CASA. 7) A delicate dolphin figure, made of seashells, metal wire, and wood, Shell statuesque dolphin, STARWOOD MFG CO INC.

Pets have multiple benefits for the mood and mind. Does the same hold true for these pet-inspired decorative pieces inspired by our favorite furries? There’s only one way to find out.

1) Standing rabbit made of lampacanay, Rabbit w/ Lampacanay Weave - Standing, 2911SOURCING. 2) Rabbit figure made of abaca rope, 11”H Rabbit Rope, NATURELINE ENTERPRISES. 3) Sitting rabbit made of lampacanay, Rabbit w/ Lampacanay Weave - Sitting, 2911SOURCING. 4) A stretching cat in solid casted brass and ostrich egg shell, SPELL BINDING, ARDEN CLASSIC INC. 5) A dog under an umbrella, made of seashells and metal, SUN SHADED, ARDEN CLASSIC INC. 6-7) Dog-shaped mini abaca catchalls, Chibi Pug and Chibi Poodle, ENNOBLE.

Home is where the wild things are. From forest creatures to mountain beasts, you can have them and keep them with you safely at home, all season long.

1) Bookend monkeys portraying a long distance relationship. Made of brass and seashells, LOVE DEFIES RANGE, ARDEN CLASSIC INC. 2) Fiber resin reindeer in white and gold geometric design, Faceted Reindeers, ART MEETS CRAFT INC. 3) Hand-painted and hand-crafted elephants in fiber resin, Animal Elephant - 2, ART MEETS CRAFT INC. 4) Paper mache animals for decorating and for fun, Paper Mache Animals, KLASSY COLLECTIONS AND DESIGNS CO. 5) Bulls made of twisted, trimmed, and painted buri fiber, Brush Bulls Ornaments, KLASSY COLLECTIONS AND DESIGNS CO. 6) Animal figures made of twisted, trimmed, and painted buri fiber, Brush Woodland ornaments, KLASSY COLLECTIONS AND DESIGNS CO.



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