Klassy Collections and Designs Co. (KCDC) was established in 1995. With its 25-year existence, it is now considered as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of authentic specially handcrafted Christmas items and all-seasoned gift item collections.

Using materials that are indigenous to and most commonly found in the Philippineslike the abaca and buri fiberKlassy Collections is a source of Pinoy pride, as their holiday-appropriate and timeless-looking home cor appeal to a global audience. Innovating is one thing, sustaining interest in the all-too-familiar creations is another; this brand manages to strike a balance in that respect. It crafts objects of nostalgia but delivers unique and fresh takes on these seasonal décor staples.


Their product catalogue includes decorative figurines, garden and outdoor accessories, holiday tabletop accents, ornaments/hangings, and gift boxes/gift packages. In terms of designs, aside from Christmas trees in different sorts of color combinations as well as Santa Claus and angel pieces made of canvas, they also have a fascination for animals made of bristle brush (some may be perched atop tables, some may be hung by the wall). Many of their offerings are designed with a Yuletide feel, but they can stay on display at home even way beyond the holiday season. This is proof that in Klassy Collections’ book, there’s a reason why festive rhymes with creative.  

The KCDC headquarters are in Pasig City while their factory is in Laguna.


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