PHILIANA DESIGN presents the marriage of Philip and Gigi Repato’s aesthetic—a combination of sleek forms with hints of wood made from local, exotic hardwood and upholstery. As simple and functional pieces, Philiana Design provides a contemporary take that certainly speaks of Pampanga’s craft and skill. 

This husband and wife tandem keeps an eye on design trends that communicate today’s lifestyle. Their quality yet reasonably priced pieces can work in any kind of room, lending it charm with its delightful details. And though their work is modern in inclination, they also delve into whimsical designs such as maya birds and owl décor accessories that add a light, playful touch to a room’s atmosph

Providing interior design services keeps Philiana Design informed of the real needs of clients—practical yet inspiring pieces. From the concept of the home to the design and delivery of the furniture, they make sure the look and feel of the rooms work well together. To date, they have worked on designs for residential homes, offices and hotels.

Employing upholstery and carved accents as part of the design of streamlined furniture is a tribute to the diverse furniture making tradition of Pampanga. Given this handcrafted and artisanal quality ensures that each Philiana piece is imbued with a texture and warmth that is timeless.

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