Since 2000, when ARDEN Classic started creating decorative art pieces, it has distinguished itself for fine craftsmanship, a keen attention to detail, and its alluring design direction: a marriage of nature and finely-tuned artistic techniques. Its line of art décor simply takes the name of the artist behind each creation: the brand ARDEN.


Based in Mactan, Cebu, design artist Arden Siarot takes natural elements, and works on these with his innate creativity and prodigious knowledge of electrical and mechanical engineering. From this combination, a collection of refined and elegant works of art emerges: metal sculptures that perfectly hold and embrace the shell and other organic components. Each ARDEN art decor uses exquisite shells, such as the elegant nautilus and the sought-after mother-of-pearl, among others, that naturally abound in the waters surrounding the island. There are also gorgeous conversation pieces that make use of organic materials like coconut shells, ostrich eggs, cattle bones, and fish, animal and snakeskin.



ARDEN has become synonymous with decorative art pieces that depict the magnificence of nature, and echo Siarot’s desire to bring an inviting sense of harmony and serenity into living spaces. The fine art décor of ARDEN has been carried by some of the world’s most prestigious outlets such as Harrods, Neiman Marcus, Lane Crawford, Ralph Lauren and Casa Armani. In the Philippines, ARDEN’s factory is located at Soong II, Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City.

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