The company started as a major basket and storage source for major retailers in the U.S., hence the name, Basket and Weaves.  The company started in August of 2005, although the owner, along with most of the employees had been in the export business for over three decades. 

When the basket industry started to shift to other Asian countries, Basket and Weaves had to develop the decorative home accessories line. It became the company’s next emerging category.  It capitalized on its manpower base composed of workers with diverse skills. Its manpower included artisans in wood carving, skilled woodworkers, wrought iron craftsmen, recycled glass blowers, papier mache artisans, and many others.

The showroom features thousands of handcrafted home decor made of wood, metal, recycled glass, wire, paper, and natural woven materials native to the Philippines. It has become a one-stop shop for the company’s buyers who look for more than just basket wares. 

Basket and Weaves’ product lines range from decorative tabletop accessories, wall art, functional storage, and housewares. It takes pride in its specialization of the raw and natural finish, antique, vintage, and the found look, distinguishing itself from other exporters. The decorative home accessories are mainly handcrafted  - candleholders, carved figures/statuettes, containers, storage boxes, serve ware, wall art, garden accessories, small accent furniture, and seasonal table top accessories that are made from a variety of raw materials, including sustainable wood, recycled wood, black iron, natural fibers, recycled glass, and paper.

Its bestsellers include wall art, bowl fillers like beads, shell balls, and live edge accent tables. The majority of its exports are shipped to the U.S. (70%), with the rest going to Europe, Japan and Australia. 

The COVID pandemic has caused the company to lose about two months of production due to the strict quarantines. It has put a lot of stress on delivery commitments for the last two quarters.  Business, however, is now starting to return to normal, both in terms of production, and product development.   

Basket and Weaves is located at Parañaque City, Metro Manila.

888 Champaca Road Extension City Of Parañaque NCR Philippines 1700

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