Seasoned handicrafts company Freden Export Philippines Corporation has been in the business since 1970. Over the years, it continued to innovate and grow a backyard family business into a global export company, supplying its home décor mainly to the US and European markets. It has always been guided by its principle of offering only original pieces to showcase its creativity. It actively participated in international shows to show what it can do. 

Through the years, its business philosophy has always been focused on sustainability while creating designs that are always au courant. Freden has always been at the forefront of the creative home décor industry. Its changing collections are reflective of the pulse of what’s trendy, yet they remain interconnected with their advocacy for preserving nature. The use of  recycled organic elements like twigs, old driftwood, natural fibers, and grass are a few of the materials that they use to keep their products sustainable.

The versatility of Freden’s creations come alive through the seasons as it presents wonderfully crafted wooden sculptures of coastal creatures like crabs, pelicans, and seagulls as well as heartwarming images of holiday angels, trees, and other ornaments that are all handmade and hand painted. 

Freden Export Philippines Corporation is located at Valenzuela City.


To keep up with constantly evolving styles and tastes, Freden introduces a new generation brand: Silo Studios. Branching from its rich history in the industry, Silo Studios is a furniture and design studio that brings art and function together, with the idea of providing a space that cultivates creativity, and pushes the norm in functionality.


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