Raw and Reimagined

Sustainability and material innovation take center stage in these eco-inspired home and fashion pieces

by Mimi Tiu

New York-based trend forecasting agency Fashion Snoops has predicted that sustainability will play a bigger role in home and fashion design trends this 2022. Their design aesthetics Reciprocity and Refuge have brought forth trends focused on reinventing raw materials while simultaneously respecting nature. Home trend Primitive Forms makes use of material innovations that mimic natural fabrications in their most basic state. Similarly, Work in Progress revamps organic material and upcycled waste to create distinct, uplifting fashion accessories.

Nature’s Legacy and its subsidiary company Floreia have made it their mission to craft sustainable products from their uniquely patented raw materials. Natural crushed limestone is turned into durable Stonecast. Non-timber forest debris and recycled wood are utilized to form biodegradable Naturescast. Recycled paper takes another shape as lightweight Nucast. Sustainably made cast polymer and polyester resins are blended to produce mirror-like Marmorcast.

We’ve rounded up 10 sustainable products from these two brands that are sure to elevate anyone’s space or look:


The eco-sustainable material used for Floreia’s colorful bangles can mimic a variety of textures including metal, stone, and cork. Floreia Bangles ’21, FLOREIA

Resilient paper composite can be shaped into ornate spoon rests and wine glass holders. Floreia Table Set Accessories, FLOREIA

Local artisans devote hours in handcrafting these striking flower earrings that can help anyone stand out in a virtual or face-to-face meeting. Shawnee Earrings, FLOREIA

Who would have guessed that this eye-catching set of leaf earrings and statement necklace is made from scraps of paper? Sacia Set, FLOREIA


Taken from the MOM Collection, this marbleized jug holds any liquid refreshment in style. Pitcher (Marmorcast), NATURE’S LEGACY

Premium polymer can be fashioned into tabletop accessories such as glossy, food-safe bowls. Milano Bowl (Marmorcast), NATURE’S LEGACY

The muted light cast by this amber-colored polymer lamp produces a warm, comforting mood. Miggy Table Lamp, NATURE’S LEGACY


Applicable for indoor or outdoor use, these fully customizable handmade pots are stamped dry in a mold to replicate the way sedimentary rocks are formed. Mini Khalif Pot, NATURE’S LEGACY

Refashioned from natural crushed stone, these hanging planters can create green havens even in the most cramped spaces. Hanging Planter, NATURE’S LEGACY

Stonecast and Marmorcast technologies come together for this understated floor lighting fixture. Halfmoon Floor Lamp, NATURE’S LEGACY

Photos courtesy of brands



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