Floreia® is a Philippine-based accessories label with a heart for sustainable fashion. Established in 2013, Floreia®’s genesis came from our commitment to ease the fashion industry’s tendency to misuse Mother Nature’s vital resources. The “buy now, throw away tomorrow” mindset was what led our Creative Director, Gemologist and Fine Art Jeweler, Katrina Delantar, to find humane and eco-friendly solutions. She asked, “What if we can still enjoy fashion trends without the guilt of waste?” Thus, Floreia was born. We combine our patented material innovations with the best Filipino craftsmanship to minimize fast fashion’s impact to our home planet. Our ethical sourcing measures prolong the life of waste turned abundant resources by turning them into high-value heirlooms of beauty. Every piece we create is done by our mother artisans from the mountainous communities in Cebu because of geographical inaccessibility, our stay-at-home moms don’t have many opportunities for work. Floreia steps in by providing them with steady income so they can take care of their households while earning a dignified living. Every piece then is packed with the artisan’s individual story. Every story is unique and worth telling. Just like you.


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