Color You Happy

Blinding brights are the perfect antidote to an in-a-pandemic world

by Vicky Montenegro

The fashion runways for Spring-Summer 2021 are raring to take a long break from the gloom and doom of the pandemic by way of colors—the brighter and bolder, the better.

Fashion designer and consultant Esme Palaganas called it, too. For her fashion trends predictions for 2021, the Basic Movement founder said that a rainbow of colors will be fashion’s “form of escapism.” “For the designers who are limited with the materials that they are going to use and for customers who want a little pop of something in their wardrobes as we stay at home and only have Zoom interactions limited for now, colors will be a form of escapism for both designers limited to materials and customers alike.”

These days, big, bold, beautiful colors spark joy. And they’re especially more “joyful” when rendered in cheery (and cheeky) prints and patterns: candy stripes, kaleidoscope, and even your favorite dessert.

Scroll down to see some of our fashion accessory picks in high-chroma hues from the FAME+ fashion catalogue.


The easiest way to look videocon ready is with a statement-making neckpiece—from a necklace that signals the start of summer to one that relives childhood memories. (From left) Leather necklace hand-embroidered with crystals, repurposed acrylic beads, Japanese seed beads, and wood beads, El Nido Necklace, MATTHEW AND MELKA. Neckpiece made of mother of pearls, cotton cord, metal and enamel, and acrylic seed beads, YBARRA Neckpiece – DYNO Series, ADANTE LEYESA. Choker made of agsam and colored capiz shells, Bangsar Necklace, AGSAM FERN.

Wear these bangles and cuffs on their own or altogether for a merry mishmash of colors and prints. (From left) Bangles made of upcycled plastic sheet, brass, and resin, Vinta Bangles, VIRTUCIO. Cuff made of crocodile skin with hook-lock design in gold-plated brass, Accesorie Una Piedra Bracelet (Cobalt Blue), LALLY DIZON. Stack of brass metal bracelets hand-wrapped in colorful cotton thread, Maiko, BEATRIZ ACCESSORIES.

Here are pretty accents for the ears to break the monotony of a surgical mask. (From left) With a detachable drop, it’s a two-way earring made of agate, beads, silver, and tassel, Katheer Earrings, FARAH ABU. Flat suede cord and plastic beads on hand-laminated upcycled leather, AVIV Leather and Hand Beaded Clip-on Earrings, O’EL DESIGNS. Star-shaped brass metal with turquoise stone and festive tassel, Parol, STROZZI JEWELRY.


Inject a jolt of color into your day-to-day with a small yet graphic bag. (Clockwise from top) Inspired by the Russian Matryoshka doll, hand-carved acacia wood hand-painted with geometric patterns and brushed with a lacquer finish, Gina Sling Bag, JOANIQUE. Individually hand-glued thread on recycled PVC base with silk thread braid, brass strap clips, and magnetic closure, Aikiko Orange, BEATRIZ ACCESSORIES. Leather clutch with kamagong wood closure and metal chain strap and hand-embroidered with crystals, repurposed acrylic beads, Japanese seed beads, and wood beads, Bollman Clutch, MATTHEW AND MELKA. Made out of vintage kimono obi (100% silk) and with magnetic fastening, Mandara Flower Clutch Bag, EDYA1929. Hand-laid cotton thread on recycled PVC base with silk thread braid, brass strap clips, and magnetic closure, Ohayo, BEATRIZ ACCESSORIES. Hexagonal-shaped clutch made of upcycled plastic sheet, brass, and resin, Cleopatra, VIRTUCIO.


Slide into these color-me-happy sandals for when running some quick errands—or even for just a regular day at home. (From left) Handmade from jute and with tassel accents, Jute Handmade (Jhaz – 29), JHAZ. Handcrafted multi-strap leather sandals made of genuine cow leather and bendsole leather, The Bailey, RAMIR. Sandal made of flat panels of knotted vintage kimono obi fabric (100% silk), Deep Green Obi Ribbon Sandal, EDYA1929.


By far the most important accessory these days, your mask definitely deserves an upgrade. (From left) Yellow crocodile skin trimmed with gray snakeskin and with soft lambskin lining (with a filter pocket) and rose gold pin rivets, Face Mask (Yellow Crocodile Skin), LALLY DIZON. Single-tie mask with a pocket for an additional filter or surgical mask, Balified Red - Adult Face Mask, RAFIKIMONO. Made of polyester with water-repellent filter and designed by Filipino artist Isabelle Ocier, the prints feature Filipino desserts (halo-halo on one side and taho on the other), Minatamis Reversible Face Mask, JIM WEAVER DESIGNS.



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