This is the story of Agsam Fern. The story which inspired the Artist and Sociopreneur, Gina Nebrida Ty, to create beautiful fashion accessories to showcase the ingenuity of Surigao del Sur's indigenous people.


Agsam Fern is a unique collection of handcrafted fashion accessories, which is made from a wild fern plant called Agsam. Unique and proprietary only in the province of Surigao del Sur in the Philippines, this 45-year old weaving heritage has been handed down, from generation to generation, among the cultural community women in Surigao. And because of the precision & artistry that go into creating these unique beautiful indigenous accssories, some necklaces take at least three(3) days to make for just one(1) single piece! And to share to the world this beautiful story of heritage and tradition, Gina started creating unique pieces using Agsam materials with locally-sourced components, to showcase to the mainstream market, both domestic & overseas.


As the wholesale and retail market continue to appreciate unique pieces from Agsam Fern, this has created a sustainable source of livelihood for the indigenous people of Surigao del Sur and women from rural areas in Manila, therefore, giving them hope for a better life. 

Agsam Fern. Skillfully handwoven with precision, artistry and love. Truly unique. Truly Surigao del Sur's Pride.

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