Agsam x Mutuc BANCA necklace. National Living Treasure Award.

A collaboration with Philippines' National Living Treasure awardee, Eduardo Mutuc, hailed as the country’s best metal craftsman. This heritage-rich Agsam Fern x Mutuc necklace("Banca") is adorned with intricately-carved flower-shaped metal pieces which is precisely made using the “pukpok"(hammering, pounding) technique that Eduardo Mutuc is popularly known for. Agsam Fern & Mutuc share a deep passion for timeless handcrafted designs that truly represent Filipino craftsmanship & ingenuity. So lightweight is this beautiful heritage-rich necklace("Banca") that without the metals, the Agsam brown necklace only weighs 10 grams. AGSAM FERN HERITAGE. TRADITION. SUSTAINABILITY. This is our story as we create beautiful and heritage-rich fashion accessories, using a 45-year-old handweaving heritage, to showcase the ingenuity & unique artistry of Surigao del Sur's indigenous people & cultural communities. Beautifully-handcrafted fashion accessories with a Story to tell : The 45-year-old art of Agsam Weaving renders a breath of new life through Artist and Social Entrepreneur, Gina Nebrida Ty. An accidental Artist, Gina discovered Agsam Weaving during one of her regular visits at her husband's hometown in Surigao del Sur, Philippines. Despite a unique story to tell and Surigaonons' immense talent, Gina learned that the pieces created by Agsam weavers were limited to commercial market within their hometown. Amused and impressed by the ingenuity and craftsmanship of Surigaonon weavers, Gina began collaborating with the weavers to create unique designs, which combine Agsam materials with different local components sourced from various parts in the Philippines. Not only did this collaboration bring about viable commercial marketability, both to the local and global market, it has provided these women a sustainable livelihood as they showcase their proud heritage and tradition.


McKinley Avenue Taguig City NCR Philippines 1600

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