Rafikimono handcrafts small-batch kimono-kaftan robes and other accessories from textiles collected from around the globe. By choosing fabrics that feel as good as they look, putting on a Rafikimono for the first time is a transformative experience.







Rafikimono launched in 2018 by Rafael Fuchs-Simon and Shaun Sager out of their love of unique and sumptuous fabrics together with their desire to make people’s favorite piece of clothing.

Each garment is genderless and timeless. Our kimonos and face masks are designed to be comfortable for many shapes and sizes (one-size-fits-all), and our shorts are garternized to the max and come in 6 sizes. Each garment is consciously constructed for comfort, ease of care, versatility, and extra pocket space!

Each Rafikimono is made to last you a lifetime.

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