VIRTUCIO - The brand's signature pieces are made from colorful upcycled single-use grocery bags and other disposed plastics (trash), which are cut to pieces, pressed and melted to achieve a colorful, mosaic like and abstract effect complemented with brass framing, leather and intricate beadworks. Thus called the BURSITA Collection.

This BURSITA (term for plastic cellophane in bisaya) Collection, is an upcycling project in joint collaboration with VIRTUCIO, the City government of Tagbilaran, Bohol and KALIPI (a women's cooperative) hoping that they can establish and enterprise with their inputs and outputs so they can have a sustainable livelihood, and the same time, be empowered and contribute to the solution of the waste issues in the city.

Behind all these creative and luxurious pieces of VIRTUCIO, is a proud and charming true-blue Boholana. Her story inspires everyone who aspires to excel in their chosen field of expertise. From being a simple lady who enjoyed making trinkets and charms during her past time, she has now successfully turned that hobby into a thriving and sought-after business. She only once dreamed to make it to the Manila Fame. However, her burning passion has earned her a well-deserved KATHA Awards of April 2018, a hallmark of Philippine design excellence through the recognition of product design and innovation, lifting her to join the ranks of the many other designers that are honored by the organising body of the Department of Trade and Industry and the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions.

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