Farah Abu is an artist and designer who has dedicated her life towards making things beautiful and making beautiful things.” Gifted with a unique aesthetic eye and crafty hands, this Architecture graduate moved to a field where she can unleash her unbridled creativity effectively launching her career as one of the most sought after jewellery and accessory designers in the Philippines.  

With a strong flair for fashion and the overwhelming desire to create unique and one-of-a kind accessories that reflect her own wild personality, Farah Abu’s design house had its humble beginnings in 2003 when she began to make bracelets and selling them to acquaintances. Inspired to create more, as a result of the warm reception of her pieces among friends as well as her expanding pool of loyal buyers, she began to venture into more intricate and quality pieces. Farah has since established a distinguished name for herself in the industry following her diverse lines of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, clutches, rings, belts, bags and brooches. Through her masterful use of semi-precious stones, corals, gems, and a myriad of other striking and sometimes unexpected elements, she has created a brand known for its distinctive sophisticated aesthetic sensibility. She has also carved a reputation for herself developing custom-made accessories for weddings, headpieces and body jewellery among others. 

Her works can be works can be found in Hollywood, Paris, Singapore, Switzerland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and on instagram @farah_abu. FARAH ABU is a registered trademark. 

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