Date posted: December 15, 2023

Get inspired by how designer Vito Selma brings the outdoors in at his newest office studio

Vito Selma reimagines his new office with an ephemeral take on the lightness and airiness of the outdoors whilst bringing that vibe inside. Years of experience come to the fore as this award-winning designer masters the seamless balance between evoking nature's breathing space and the utilitarian efficiency of a workplace.

Selma's ode to creativity—the daily core of his studio office—lies on the premise that humans are built to seek and thrive around nature. There are even scientific findings on how spending time in green spaces has its cognitive benefits, including lifting moods and revitalizing energies. Take inspiration from his furniture pieces and one can immediately feel the same sense of connection with nature likewise creates a calming effect.

His idea of bringing nature into the studio office begins with a lighting scheme that simulates the sky on a clear day—with gentle sunlight filtering through leaves. The passage of time in this nature-inspired space is also palpable when the lighting ambiance changes to the soft glow of a moonlight night. Plants in all shapes and sizes are thoughtfully scattered around the studio office. Check out Selma’s office walk through video post here.

Recognized for winning the Katha Awards for best product design for furniture in the recently held FAME last October, Selma is known to create furniture using natural materials with an organic aesthetic. His Alegra Chair reflects just that, a suitable addition to any space whether it be your home or office. In his workplace, he showcases desks, lamp stands, and chairs that evoke softer and cleaner lines—a stark contrast to the hulking and dark office furniture of yore.

The years of isolating at home as a result of the pandemic has moved Vito Selma to envision the whole outdoors mindset in furniture and lighting fixtures.

Nature lovers and design enthusiasts will find that Selma's innovative design may also be appreciated in their homes. For Selma, using sustainable materials isn't only for ecological purposes but for one's mental and spiritual well-being as well. The visceral effect of this outdoor-inspired setting is a living space made more meaningful and transformative.




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