Date posted: December 4, 2023

Chic and Unique Finds at Manila FAME 2023

As if making up for lost time, Manila FAME 2023 shows a playful, joyful side with bold designs and a diverse array of choices to suit every preference. From bags to accessories to shoes, they bear the mark of meticulous craftsmanship, each item built to last.

Deftly combining form and function, the bags that stood out exuded a quiet elegance with a touch of playfulness and glee.

Staying true to its practice of using traditional fabrics like pis syabit from Mindanao and pinya as the base, Vesti wows with the aptly named disco bag - an eye-catching, finely handcrafted, worthy addition to your collection of fun and chic accessories.

Mele + Marie stuns with its basket-like creation, the Emman. Made with brass metal dipped in 24-karat gold and laminated mother of pearl, this bag was given the Katha Award.

For the more fashion-forward, eye-catching leather creations from Orias Studio stand out. The Polo Solohiya piece is made with cowhide leather that comes with a hanger! Now, that’s a conversation starter! The Pamana, on the other hand, is an elegant mini-baul. It’s beautifully crafted using special fiber, cowhide leather and rattan solihiya weave, a signature design element of the studio.

Meanwhile, fur babies continue to make their mark on fashion as evidenced by these bags made from tikog, an aquatic grass normally used to make mats and buri. SC Vizcarra has also come up with its take featuring a menagerie of cute animals made from soft and hard rattan with straps made from Italian leather and gold chains to give it that modern twist.

Looking for that perfect accessory to level up your outfit? Manila FAME 2023 has an abundance of designs made from the most diverse materials.

This eye-catching orange piece from Arnel Papa is made of two necklaces: an African-inspired bib necklace made with shoelaces paired with a leather and freshwater rice pearl number.

Going for eco-friendly accessories? Earl Gariando believes in zero wastage. He upcycles and recycles whenever he can. These beach-ready beauties are made from shells, mother-of-pearl, and other by-products from the food industry.

His love for orchids endemic to the Philippines are the main motifs of this versatile accessory which can act as a necklace or a belt.

Floreia, on the other hand, does amazing work with nucast, a patented material made from recycled paper composite to create striking pieces.

Set on an opal stone with diamonds and a perfect natural peal set in 14-karat gold, a leaping frog ring from the collection of Maria Angelica is pure enchantment while this pair of sarimanok earrings beckons.

Step into art literally with this gorgeous pair of shoes featuring the art of Khristina Manansala, the master’s granddaughter, and topped daintily with a floral accent made with agsam, a wild fern.

Want to make a statement at the next business meeting? How about these neckties made from Inabel weave from Kenro Boutique?

An atmosphere of fun permeates many of the pieces highlighted here. The use of materials, both indigenous and upcycled, continue to be reimagined in various ways to come up with charming pieces. At a time when more is expected from the fashion industry, these wonderful creations show the way towards a direction that is both responsible and irresistible.


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