Though specific stimuli may shift from time to time, the Vito Selma brand is quite adamant on its focus on the natural. An examination of numerous inspirations reveal a love affair with shapes and textures that are often repeated in the earth, the sky and the sea. It is this love for nature that has driven the brand to constantly look for design components that satisfy its inclinations, while relying on wood as a primary medium.


Considered as an enduring partner despite the brand’s continuous evolution, wood and its many variations and reiterations, provides avenues for Vito Selma® to experiment, create and explore. This exploration has allowed the brand not only to push the limits of the material, but also to examine the results of its marriage with other organic elements.


The resulting collections are those that may be quickly defined as having a Japanese or even Scandinavian influence. However, instead of being likened to a particular design aesthetic, the core of Vito Selma® lies more on keen attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship.


It is through these attributes that the Vito Selma brand identifies itself as not being Japanese nor Scandinavian, but distinctly Filipino.



Don Sergio Suico Street Canduman Mandaue City Mandaue City Cebu REGION VII Philippines 6014

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