Date posted: May 28, 2024

From great ideas to mega sculptures

A look inside the production processes of Pampanga-based company Heinimex

By Aly Dela Peña


For Heinimex Corporation, a Philippine manufacturer of decorative products, creating lifelike sculptures, statues, and objects is an intricate labor of love. With more than two decades of experience in the industry, this company from the province of Pampanga has been known for its larger-than-life ornaments that add whimsy and character to residential and commercial spaces alike.

In creating life-like displaysa reinterpretation of the province’s well-known traditional wood carving practices, Heinimex uses resin, fiberglass, concrete, and stonecast.

The production begins with the playful imagination of the in-house designers. Then sculptors carefully and skillfully breathe life into the concepts by shaping them in clay. Once sculpted, it will be molded for easier replication. For final touch, the artists apply different finishes to the decors by hand.


A look at some of the mesmerizing displays of Heinimex   

Lifelike dinosaur sculptures

Towering, exquisite, and educational, these dinosaur sculptures are sure to captivate kids and adults alike due to its realistic details.

(Left to Right) Adult Theropod (205 x 36 x 94 in), Australotitan (601 x 80 x 151 in), and Quetzalcoatlus (146 x 86 x 232 in).


Christmas Decor

These best-selling products welcome the holiday season with their bright colors and spot-on embellishments. Aside from the usual garlands and Christmas trees, Heinimex lets you transform your spaces with these creative pieces to bring in the Christmas cheer.

(Clockwise) Toy Soldier, Giant Fiberglass Lightbulb, Gingerbread Dog, and Nutcracker Candy Cake.


Fossils Archives

Prehistoric skulls and bones make for an artistic fossil collection. These realistic products add interesting touches to the room, making them instant conversation pieces.

(Left to Right) Deinonychus Skeleton (74 x 35 x 78 in), Saber Toothed Tiger Skull on Base (15 x 8 x 20 in), and Dinosaur Bone (43 x 17 x 16 in).


Dragons Archive

Invite otherworldly magic with these gigantic, mighty creatures. Heinimex intricately finishes the details by hand to precisely depict these dragon sculptures.

(Left to Right) Sitting Dragon (Dimensions: 33 x 27 x 48 in), 7ft. Dragon (31 x 29 x 84 in), and Standing Dragon (50 x 28 x 40 in).

Equipped with a manually-intensive combination of skills perfected over the years, Heinimex currently handles over a thousand employees. The company is set to unveil new products this year. Visit them on fameplus to learn more.


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