Date posted: December 22, 2023

Balancing Beauty and Functionality: House Interior Design Essentials

Striking the balance between form and practicality is an important mission for any interior design project. The carefully curated exhibit booths at Manila Fame 2023 are design heaven for both design professionals and DIYers. Among others, it highlights the many ways we can reimagine our various home spaces that are both visually arresting and purposeful.

Know your space

First things first. It’s important early on to identify the purpose of your priority area. The twin questions we need to answer are: who are the primary users and what are their needs? A mixed-use area to be shared between parents and children will have very different features from a space that will be used solely to entertain guests.

Having said that, let’s explore the assembled mood board that is Manila Fame 2023.

Warmth and comfort

Immediately noticeable is the way these thoughtfully organized booths were able to evoke warmth and comfort with their presentation. Whether hugging the walls, overhead, or firmly planted on the floor, many made brilliant use of warm lighting to create an atmosphere of luxe and soothing elegance.

While colors are usually mixed and matched for accent and contrast, a room dressed up in just one shade can elicit a strong connection with its occupants. Monochromatic colors like this blue-on-blue deliver flair like no other.

Personalize it

Achieving harmony between aesthetics and utility is a challenging process. But the end result is priceless: an inviting home that nourishes your body and nurtures your soul for many years to come.


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