Vito Selma and Casa Selma

Mosa-Eco Cocktail Table

The art of revival can encapsulate a great many forms. While the most common idea of a revival involves the rehashing of a thought, it is certainly not limited to that. She takes on old, trusty materials, and shapes them into something new. Disposing of preconceived notions and throwing away perceptions of value, she is eager to present change. She also challenges a skill long mastered, doing away with ancient applications. Disputing what was made before... Revival sets its sights on new mediums to conquer. She can change her mind, and choose to keep an old notion, but opts to present it in a different make. Revival entertains the idea of creating a similar shape of a chair, yet fills the hollows of the chair with stone, where there was once wood. There are no bounds to this Revival, and that is what makes her eternally intriguing.

Designer Vito Selma and Casa Selma

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Don Sergio Suico Street Canduman Mandaue City Mandaue City Cebu REGION VII Philippines 6014

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