Disenyo del Sur

Hand-poured Soy Candle

These delicately scented hand-poured soy candles are a sensory delight, offering a trio of unique fragrances: Hardin, Dagat, and Gahum. Hardin (Garden): Hardin is an elegant floral scent that evokes the essence of a lush, blooming garden. It is a harmonious blend of blooming roses, with hints of light citrus and soil. Lighting this candle brings the serenity of a tranquil garden into your space, creating a soothing and refreshing atmosphere. Dagat (Ocean): The Dagat candle transports you to the serene shores of the ocean. With crisp and invigorating notes of sea salt, ocean breeze, and a touch of driftwood, it evokes the sensation of standing by a tropical beach. Lighting this candle infuses your surroundings with the calming and revitalizing energy of the sea. Gahum (Empowerment): Gahum is a fragrance that exudes confidence and empowerment. It combines bold scents of pine, jasmine, and a hint of leather. Lighting this candle fills your space with a sense of strength and determination, making it perfect for moments of self-reflection and motivation. Each of these hand-poured soy candles is carefully crafted with high-quality ingredients, ensuring a clean and even burn of 20 hours, with proper candle care. We suggest not burning them for less than 30 minutes. The environmentally friendly glass vessels lend themselves to reuse in the home or office.

Designer Disenyo del Sur

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