DISENYO DEL SUR was founded out of a desire to connect, collaborate, co create and communicate a sense of community among women of the Visayas region.

The driving force behind this retail concept is empowerment through a closely edited range of locally designed and crafted lifestyle products. The women behind DISENYO DEL SUR are the same creative minds who founded the fine jewelry label, ALL THAT GLITTERS: Amanda Lum and Cacay Moras. They themselves are empowered individuals, who believe in the magic that happens when women uplift other women.

As the platform's product and brand offering grew, DISENYO DEL SUR also began carving out its niche. Theirs is a discerning audience that celebrates the hushed elegance and quiet luxury of a well made product. Within the brand's eco system, there is an unspoken understanding that contemporary expressions of luxury are best embodied through craft and elevated design.


Three Brixton Street City Of Pasig NCR Philippines 0

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