Tree of Life by Noel Bueza A meticulous attention to line, form, and value permeates Noel P. Bueza’s works. Whether he is composing pen-and-ink drawings of old structures such as historical churches—a favorite subject—or landscapes, human figures, flowers, or birds, Noel injects a three-dimensional feel into each piece, playing with light and shadow to create deeply expressive and technically intricate works, each one executed with impeccable skill. Noel has since expanded his portfolio to include stainless sculptures that play with the dynamic of flora and fauna. The Lucban native credits his hometown, famous for the Pahiyas festival, for sparking his initial interest in the arts. Today, he is one of the region’s most prolific artists, having worked full-time for more than two decades. Noel has participated in various solo and group exhibitions both in the Philippines and abroad.

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