Organic Petsoaps

3 Varieties: 1-Akapulco Petsoap Made from 100% NATURAL & ORGANIC INGREDIENTS. This handcrafted soap is Veterinarian Formulated and Recommended. Made from extract of fresh Akapulco and Guava leaves combined with pure Tea Tree and Eucalyptus essential oils that helps soothe itchiness and moisturize skin. It is also mild enough to be used regularly. It can be used for: Dogs and Puppies with minor skin fungal infections Superficial Dermatitis with minor skin irritations and wounds Itchiness and mild pruritus. 2- Madre Cacao Petsoap This soap is handcrafted from 100% NATURAL HERBAL & ORGANIC INGREDIENTS found to have Anti-Scabies, Insecticidal and Antibacterial properties. Made from tandem of Citronella, Lemongrass and Peppermint oils mixed with Madre Cacao leaves. Purely Natural, Organic and Herbal. No harsh Chemicals. Veterinarian Formulated and Recommended for dogs and puppies suffering from scabies, itchiness, and skin irritations. It can also repel fleas and ticks. Can be used regularly as a maintenance soap. It can be used: To repel Fleas and Ticks. Dogs with minor scabies and minor skin irritations. Maintenance soap after recovery from scabies and to protect dogs from further flea and tick infestations. 3- Oatmilk Petsoap FINALLY! a soap handcrafted from 100% NATURAL & ORGANIC INGREDIENTS specifically intended for puppies and kittens who needs to be bathe at their very young age. This soap is made of combination of oatmeal and coconut milk making it so mild for that purpose while it can cleanse and moisturize their skin. This soap has the most gentle ingredients, free from harsh chemicals and toxic substances. It also helps soothe and moisturize their skin. It can be used for: Young puppies and kittens Adult dogs and cats with very sensitive skin Maintenance soap for well pets.

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