JIM Weaver Designs x Francis Libiran: Past and Present Scarf and Mask Set

Architecture and myth, land and sea, decorative curves and practical edges. Two creative forces come together in JIM Weaver X Francis Libiran, bringing forth a silken tapestry —the visual harmony that is Past and Present. Take a trip through time in this fashion-forward piece, an extraordinary work of art that simultaneously celebrates fashion, architecture, and culture within the space of silk scarf. In a nod to a culture facing the challenges of modernity with the beauty of a tradition steeped in symbolism, Past and Present blends today’s color trends with images of a royal past. Bathed in soft pastels are elements of the torogan, residence of the sultan or datu. Surrounding the naga (sea serpent) and the sarimanok (many-colored bird) are nature-based motifs and patterns from the native Okir design system characterized by flow and geometry. The JIM Weaver X Francis Libiran collection launches our line of 120×120 pure silk scarves—our most expansive to date. Each Past and Present scarf comes with a reversible 3-layer fabric mask to match.


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