JIM Weaver Designs x Francis Libiran: Night and Day Scarf and Mask Set

Architecture and myth, land and sea, decorative curves and practical edges. Two creative forces come together in JIM Weaver X Francis Libiran, bringing forth a silken tapestry —the visual harmony that is Night and Day. This piece emphasizes the juxtaposition of dark and light, the depths of the sea and the brightness of day utilizing the native Okir design system characterized by flow and geometry. In a nod to tradition and folklore, two prominent figures often seen on royal residences or torogan are depicted in the design – the mythical naga (sea serpent) and the legendary sarimanok (many-colored bird). Believed to ward off evil spirits, the naga is awash in jewel tones and set against the blackness of night. Meanwhile, the vibrant sarimanok holds the promise of good fortune and bright days ahead. On the borders are intricately designed circles representing the gongs of the kulintang, swirling music into this extraordinary work of art that simultaneously celebrates fashion, architecture, and culture within the space of silk scarf. The JIM Weaver X Francis Libiran collection launches our line of 120×120 pure silk scarves—our most expansive to date. Each Night and Day scarf comes with a reversible 3-layer fabric mask to match.


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