JIM Weaver Designs x Francis Libiran: Fire and Ice Scarf and Mask Set

Architecture and myth, land and sea, decorative curves and practical edges. Two creative forces come together in JIM Weaver X Francis Libiran, bringing forth a silken tapestry —the visual harmony that is Fire and Ice. Renowned Filipino fashion designer Francis Libiran and JIM Weaver Creative Director Isabelle Ocier blend the beauty of tradition into this extraordinary work of art that simultaneously celebrates fashion, architecture, and culture within the space of silk scarf. His cool concept brought forth to life by her fiery strokes, Fire and Ice is woven passion, a dance on silk. Serendipitously, their work also depicts the rectilinear/feminine and curvilinear/masculine sides of Okir, the traditional design system characterized by flow and geometry. Together, they bring forth a vivid illustration of strong structural elements of the torogan (a traditional royal residence) through elegant flourishes across the soft canvas. The JIM Weaver X Francis Libiran collection launches our line of 120×120 pure silk scarves—our most expansive to date. Each Fire and Ice scarf comes with a reversible 3-layer fabric mask to match.


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