Tumandok Crafts Industries is helping preserve nature by using sustainable indigenous materials and sea shells found in the southern part of Negros Occidental. This provides opportunity for the community dwellers to earn a living and to have additional income. The materials used in each product are creatively processed using the lamination technology that is implemented by the skilled hands of our artisans in Bago City. The item you are holding is made from Capiz shells from our rich seas and Banana bark from our fertile soil, commonly found in the island of Negros. For nearly three decades, the company is proud to specialize in the art of incorporating these materials with ease of use and superior quality. The company brand "TUMANDOK" literally means native inhabitant. True to its name, the heart of our operations are indeed the rural folks of Negros Occidental who lovingly crafted these items using their God-given creativity. Every Tumandok piece is specially created to showcase the unique and talented abilities of the indigenous Filipinos today.

Designer Tumandok

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