Diamond Crochet Glass Pendant Necklace Alum Wire Accent (Yellow)

"Diamonds are forever" "Looking for the perfect gift for your loveone?" Liman Glass Diamond Crochet Glass Pendant with Alum Wire Accent Necklace is the best gift for them. "As they said women loves diamond." It is a one of a kind fashion accessory that symbolizes strength and invincivility. Also, represent long life and good health. A Filipino made product locally manufactured in the Philippines. For every purchase you are supporting our local designed and artists. The Diamond Crochet Glass pendant size is approximately 12cm×12cm×12cm A perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend and love ones. Colors Available: Clear, Yellow, Amber, Pink, Green, Lavender, Blue, Dark Blue Chain length: 46cm Material: Glass Suitable?Male or female Package contains: 1 necklace


22a Scout Reyes St Quezon City

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