Butterfly Pillow in Grey Dots

The only chiropractic-inspired support pillow with multiple benefits from infant to adult. A true must-have for: 1. pregnancy. alleviates back ache during long periods of sitting when used as upper or lower back support 2. flat-head prevention. prevents flat-head syndrome when used as a sleep positioning device for newborns 3. breastfeeding. makes breastfeeding comfortable for mom and baby, and compact enough to bring along anywhere 4. travel. supports baby’s head and neck while in motion in the stroller, car seat, airplane or lounger 5. diaper change. keeps baby well in place during diaper change and wings protect baby from rolling over to side 6. tummy time. strengthens neck and back to prepare baby for crawling when used regularly for tummy time exercises 7. sleep. supports head and neck during sleep and alleviates discomfort when your child has a cough or cold 8. work. props up your laptop snugly and protects your skin from the heat it emits 9. lounging. adds pleasure and comfort to lounging and reading and supports you when you doze off

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