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Sculpture Nixxio Castrillo was born into a family of artists. As the son of the late Eduardo Castrillo, he was thoroughly exposed to the rudiments of sculpture-making, having managed his father’s studio for more than 25 years. Nixxio oversaw logistics and assisted the senior Castrillo in completing a number of commissioned projects—work that greatly informed his own skills. When Eduardo Castrillo passed away, Nixxio, together with his siblings and cousins, took over the completion of the late sculptor’s final work, a sizable monument in Bacoor City Hall. This marked the beginning of his foray into creating his own pieces. Working mainly with metal, which he likens to “taming a wild horse,” Nixxio creates intensely personal pieces, borne from the belief that art must benefit one’s country and people, and must reveal a human truth. Today, he works with the Castrilllo Legacy Art Studio Link creating commissioned monuments. Though he does not participate in competitions, Nixxio finds full validation in the appreciation he receives for his work.

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