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Philippine Exporters Confederation, Inc.

The Philippine Exporters Confederation, Inc. or PHILEXPORT is the country’s umbrella organization of exporters that is man­dated under the Export Development Act of 1994 to strength­en the country’s export industry through its advocacy, export promotion and development programs. The Confederation is a non-stock, non-profit business support organi­zation borne out of the unification of the Philippine Exporters Foundation (PEF) and the Confederation of Philippine Exporters (COPE) in October 1992. 

To date, PHILEXPORT has an active membership of over 4,000, including companies belonging to 19 regional and provincial chapters and 24 industry associations that have affiliated themselves with PHILEXPORT. They are represented by 18 private sector Trustees in the Board elected every two years by their sectoral members.

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Services Offered:


In fulfilling its mandate, PHILEXPORT implements a number of institutional and special  projects and services, including: 

  1. Policy Advocacy  

As the unified voice of exporters, PHILEXPORT is actively engaged in  policy discussions and deliberations on issues affecting the industry. Position  papers and policy programs are developed and implemented based on inputs  

generated from its Policy Committees. Its network in this area covers the  academe; three branches of government; other trade-related government  agencies; media and trade-related non-government organizations. 

PHILEXPORT has likewise been a member and seats as an active  participant in various policy Committees, Councils, and chambers of  commerce and other business organizations. 

  1. Facilitation and Advisory 

Through its Export Facilitation Department, PHILEXPORT is able to provide  the necessary frontline services such as trade advisory, facilitation and  referral; buyer-seller and investment matching; trade fair participation; special  promotions programs and selling missions to PHILEXPORT members and  foreign clients. 

Other services include the processing/facilitation of the following: Client Profile Registration System for use of the E2M (electronic to  mobile) system of the Bureau of Customs for export as provided in  Customs Memorandum Circular (CMO) 39-2008, approved in 2008  and implemented in 2010; 

APEC Business Travel Card; 

Travel tax exemption;  

Endorsement for trade fair participation and financing; and Zero-rated VAT for indirect exporters. 

  1. Capacity building and technical assistance 

PHILEXPORT organizes a number of regular and per-need based seminars  to assist members in their technical skills, managerial, product development  and other training requirements. 

PHILEXPORT has also undertaken special promotions programs developed  and implemented with international trade development and promotion  agencies. 

Meanwhile, modest funds through the Regional and Sectoral Support  Fund are able to subsidize trade fair participation, development of  promotional collaterals including websites, product and market  development, capacity building, strengthening business support  organizations and other special export-related projects.

  1. Bonded Warehousing Operations 

PHILEXPORT operates its bonded warehouse for miscellaneous goods to  enable its members to avail of the duty-free importation of their raw materials,  inputs and packaging to manufacture goods for re-export. Offering reasonable  rates and computer-assisted documentation processing, PHILEXPORT’s CBW  provides a better alternative to other existing import for re-export schemes  such as the duty drawback and re-export bond schemes. To facilitate this  process, PHILEXPORT has initiated the set up of an accreditation committee  for CBW users. 

  1. One-Stop Export Documentation 

Under a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed with the Export  Development Council (EDC), PHILEXPORT and its chapters manage  administratively the operations of the OSEDCs in Manila, Cebu, Davao,  Cagayan de Oro, Subic and Iloilo. These OSEDCs house under one roof  representatives of the different government agencies involved in export  documentation processing, namely the Bureau of Animal Industry, Bureau of  Customs, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Bureau of Plant  Industry, Fiber Industry Development Industry, and the National Statistics  Office. 

  1. Information Collection and Dissemination  

a. PHILEXPORT responds to the information needs of its members through  the following: 

b. PHILEXPORT News and Features – a weekly e-publication that carries  PHILEXPORT positions and updates on issues; news and feature stories  from important events and activities; and even promotional and market related articles.  

c. PHILEXPORT web site (www.philexport. ph) - the website contains  information on PHILEXPORT as an organization, its services, industry  profiles, list of PHILEXPORT members, policy and market updates and  other publications, trade opportunities, calendar of events and links to  relevant trade web sites. There are also on-line applications to avail of  certain services such as e-marketing, applications for travel tax exemption  and APEC Travel Card and membership and renewal. It also has a facility  to generate members' suggestions and comments on certain issues; and 

d. PHILEXPORT social media accounts: FB, Linked-In, Twitter and YouTube e. Market Update, Policy Advisories and Activities Bulletin - contains important  information and sent to all or to sectoral members within 48 hours that they  are received by PHILEXPORT. Sources include embassies, online  newsletters and other publications; local and international business support  organizations and other similar agencies; and


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