Business Solutions Services is a program featuring private companies, government institutions, organizations, and individuals that offer services, solutions or products that help exporters meet their goals in all aspects of the business, from inception to operations.


1. Is signing up as a Business Solutions Partner FREE?
Yes, signing up as a Business Solutions partner is FREE subject to screening. Our Basic package is inclusive of company name, company description, logo, contact information, featured services and a dedicated inquiry form.

2. Who can be part of the Business Solutions Services program?
Private companies, government entities, professionals such as creative and technical consultants and certifying bodies from both local and overseas.

3. What services do I need to be a Business Solutions Partner?
Your solutions should be geared towards exporters and aspiring exporters. This can be related to trainings, logistics, export marketing, design, product development or other relevant services. Note that companies will be screened prior to acceptance as a Business Solutions Partner.

Find the right Business Solutions Partner for you.

Browse our listing of companies for all your export needs.

Ensure that your products, services, processes, and operations are up to industry standards with the help of these certifying bodies.

Enhance your design prototyping and product development processes with these suppliers.

Digital And E-Commerce
Engage with service providers offering website development, B2B marketplaces, and e-commerce support.

Secure loans, credit facilities, and other financial resources from our allied institutions.

Government And Support Organizations
Get industry assistance and grow your network with these government institutions and associations.

Logistics And Supply Chain
Find the right solutions for your local and international logistics through our allied providers.

Marketing, PR, And Advertising
Boost the potential of your business with our service providers in the areas of marketing, communications, and branding.

Access the services of individuals and other organizations including legal, consultancy, taxation and more.

Research, Training And Development
Improve your human resources with the help of these companies that offer training and capacity building initiatives.

Discover the right equipment and software applications for all your operational needs through our suppliers.

Be a Business Solutions Partner

✓ Get to know more exporters or MSMEs through our platform

✓ Get the opportunity to support MSMEs to become full-fledged exporters

✓ Explore other opportunities offered to partners

Or email us at [email protected]

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