Brand Profile

BAGASÁO centers around the emotional connection between people and their pieces, aiming to refashion a world that sees clothing as second skin, a vital component of a layered personality and the everyday. the brand is driven by the desire to put out well-designed, impeccably crafted goods borne of an ethical production chain. employing clean lines and earth tones, excitement is injected via jolts of color, tactile fabrics, and subtle design details, a luxury reserved to the wearer and the attentive few.







SUSTAINABILITY - Efforts are continually made to conduct low-impact manufacturing, inching season per season to a completely sustainable production. Clothes are not treated as disposable commodity but something to cherish, to connect with, and to wear over and over for years.

CRAFTSMANSHIP - Anything that carries the bagasao tag should be an object of optimal quality, good design, and impeccable craftsmanship. Meticulous attention is integral to every step, from sourcing the materials to constructing the garments, ensuring value and delivering the promised quality to every purchase.

SUBTLETY - The house’s definition of luxury is something that is closely linked to the wearers and the emotional connection they foster towards their pieces. no big logos, no theatrical stunts, Bagasao is the portrait of strength in stillness, security in slowness, and intensity in the quiet.




Designer Profile

A desire to create beautiful pieces drove the designer Joseph Bagasao  to major in fashion. He trained at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines and was awarded “Designer of the Year” upon graduating. He shuffled between Manila and New York to undertake internships before landing a job as an embroidery designer for a New York based women’s ready-to-wear, couture, and sleep wear brand Josie Natori. Bagasao has always been concerned with environmental and ethical issues within the fashion industry.

”This is not just about what we create, but also how we create and who we create it with”

Parallel to this, more and more people were becoming aware and concerned about sustainability, while he strived for his design process to be meaningful. His initial fixation on pure aesthetic transformed into a sense of responsibility. ”This is not just about what we create, but also how we create and who we create it with”, he reflects.

In 2016, he launched his eponymous label whose DNA is parallel to what he personally values: emotion, sustainability, and craftsmanship.

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