Aurelia Argent Captiva Duo

WITH A RISE in popularity in 18th Century Spain. women wore Peineeta as a decorative hair ornament, usually under a mantilla or veil. They wore these detailed and jeweled pieces to social events such as festivals and bullfights. flamenco dancers also had these in their hair as part of their exquisite costumes. Philippine peineta called payneta, uses tortoise shell material for its comb. THESE EARRINGS take from those hammered designs and evoke a modern interpretation of the Spanish Peineta. Hammered with experience, these uniquely two-toned oval bars dangle on our Versatility Collection Heirloops and sways you move. One half yellow gold, the other half white gold. I INTRICATELY handcrafted to order I Drop length: 2.75 inches I Available in 24k gold-plated sterling silver option I Available in 14k solid gold option THE DANGLERS are detachable and may be worn interchangeably with other Versatility Collection danglers. Feel free to inquire and order an additional dangle. NOTE: Every RECREATE piece is custom mad to your specifications. Because each item is carefully crafted by hand, we require 2-10 days production lead time.


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