Argent Callado Payneta

CALLADO, a well known style of Philippine embroidery is depicted on this dangler piece in detailed gold lacework as it foregrounds and contrasts a sheet of silver. THE STUD evokes a minimalistic representation of the time-honored Salakot. THE SALAKOT, a conical hat that is historically made of rattan, ferns and other natural materials. This hat is used by Filipino farmers as they till their lands and wait patiently for an abundant harvest. I INTRICATELY handcrafted to order I Drop length: 2.75 inches I Available in 24k gold-plated on sterling silver option I Available in 14k solid gold option I THE DANGLERS are detachable and may be worn interchangeably with other Versatility Collection danglers. Feel free to inquire and order an additional dangler. I NOTE: Every RECREATE piece is custom made to your qualifications. Because each item is carefully crafted, we require 2 -10 days production lead time.


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