Wear Your Culture entered the Philippine fashion scene around 2017, armed with a vision to fuse classic indigenous styles with more contemporary international trends. One of the expected results of this venture is the renewed demand for ethnic raw materials, as the company offers clothing and home décor products utilizing these.

It proffers a wide array of handwoven shirts, dress shirts, boleros, and jackets for ladies. The brand’s Manila FAME lineup for women features dress shirts with Inaul puff sleeves or patadyong, a neoprene cowl neck top with Manobo embroidery, boleros with Yakan and Sinaulan embroidery, and a neoprene hoodie with three kinds of Yakan weaves. For the men, Wear Your Culture features trucker bomber jackets with Langkit and Kalinga, or Bontoc weaves and Manobo embroidery will be on hand. A handwoven barong bomber denim jacket and camouflage cargo jacket with Yakan and Bontoc weaves are also available. 

In keeping with the times, Wear Your Culture also showcases Manobo masks. All pieces are handmade with Manobo embroidery and is structured on Italian linen. Lifestyle pieces for the home will also be on sale, including the company’s table mat set that features Binakol and Manobo embroidery, and Manobo throws pillows and accent pillowcases. 

The company’s showroom is in Little Baguio, San Juan City. Clients can set appointments Mondays to Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Buyers can also purchase through the company website, shopwycapparel.com or through its social media pages. 

Founded by Alvin and Evita Degamo, who took inspiration from their two decades of experience in the modeling industry, Wear Your Culture espouses affordability and wearability in streetwear using Filipino traditional textiles from different regions.


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