MCCA Industrial Corporation traces its roots to a rented garage in an old ricemill in Manibaug, Porac, Pampanga. From its humble beginnings, it started producing wrought-iron pieces as a sub-contractor in 1990.A year later, Miguel Carlos C. Aguas, the company’s President and General Manager, ventured into the manufacture and export of his own designs.

In August 15, 1991 barely two(2) months after the destructive eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, the MCCA Industrial Corporation was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. From a team of Five(5) pioneer workers, the company presently employs more or less Two Hundred Twenty (220) Professional technical and highly-skilled competent workers. As a result, MCCA is major contributor in the community of Porac and its neighboring towns and municipalities in terms of employment.

In 1992, MCCA Industrial Corporation initiated its expansion program. It embarked on extensive design promotion and modern equipment acquisition.

In April of 1993, during the 18th GIFTS AND WAREHOUSE MARKET WEEK, the company won the “KATWA AWARD”, the most prestigious award for the Best Product Design. A second KATWA AWARD was won in April 1998, again for the Best Design. It has been receiving various awards for design up to the present. MCCA prides itself for its selection by the Center for International Trade Exposition and Mission (CITEM) as a member of “Movement8”, a group of top fifteen designer-manufacturers who represent the Philippines in showcasing talents and craftsmanship internationally.

MCCA believes that to be able to sustain our growth in the wrought-iron industry, we should have the ability to meet the challenges posed by the ever-changing world market by keeping abreast of the latest design trends, the most modern production technology as well as the development of our human resources. MCCA products are globally competitive in the wrought-iron and glass-blowing industries. Among its products are indoor and outdoor furniture, decorative accessories such as candleholders, chairs, tables, mirrors, floor and wall lamps.


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