Bold and Conversational Pieces! Unique designs using natural coming to life by combining precision manufacturing with Philippine craftsmanship. Venzon Lighting & Objects produce bold and conversational pieces such as lighting elements and unique home furnishings, like specialized wall clocks, made with various materials from metal and wood to locally-found materials like capiz shells.


Meet the new Venzon Lighting & Objects

When we got into the business many years ago, our mind was set on lighting. As time passed, we found that our clients were coming to us for more customized and unique home furnishings. Their trust in our precision and stylized production is what made us realize we could offer so much more. So we thought it might be time to re-introduce ourselves. Venzon Lighting Manufacturing is now Venzon Lighting & Objects. We’re still the same collective studio run by husband & wife duo. We create bold & conversational pieces for a discerning clientele who values craftsmanship & precision.

With our rebranding comes another exciting development. We are happy to call LRI Design Plaza our new Manila home. All our designs are proudly brought to life in San Fernando, Pampanga but it was about time we set up shop in the metro. What better place than LRI, one of the most trusted and longstanding design hubs in the city. We can’t wait for you to drop by, have a cup of coffee, and discover how Venzon can help bring your dream designs to life.

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